Danielle (pink_bulletsxx) wrote in hey_helicopter,

name; Danielle
age; 14
location; Houston, Texas
ethnicity; white
10 favorite bands; The used, Senses fail, Tegan and sara, Death cab for cutie, Emery, The postal service, Hawthorne heights, Brand new, Le Tigre
5 favorite movies; Celluar, The notebook, Loser, Crazy/beautiful, How to deal
favorite books; Prozac nation, Speak, A walk to remember
random picture;

 (its a radio lol)

where did you find us; Miss Kayleigh Smith. (radio__flyer)
things you like to do; Be with friends, doodle, lsiten to music, go to show/concerts, chat on aim, take pictures,
short life story about a paragraph; Born April 13, 1990, moved alot when i was younger, met my best friend in Vermont, and still is my best friend, i went to emmott and half a year at homsley for elementry, then middle school was Aragon, and now i go to Langham creek.
favorite item of clothing; jeans
you can't live without...; my friends.
your idol/hero; Bert McCracken, Marylin Monroe
why should we accept you? i'll be active, and sweet and nice. not mean and bitchy. :D
post no less than 5 pictures;

promote in one journal OR one community and show us the link
http://www.livejournal.com/users/pink_bulletsxx/ ( my journal)

I Danielle Adrianna Currier agree to be an active member of hey_helicopter, to vote fairly, post often, follow rules, obey the mods, follow the monthly themes, and have fun!


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