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name; Krizia
age; 14
location; Pembroke pines, FL
ethnicity; cubannn
10 favorite bands; this is hard umm. tilly and the wall, rilo kiley, cursive, the good life **<3 tim kasher*, minus the bear, saosin, belle and sebastian, the faint, copeland, gravy train!!!!
5 favorite movies; spiderman, ANGUS, major pain, 10 things i hate about you, the notebook
favorite books; kissed by an angel, the coldest winter ever, aimee, go ask alice, the breakable vow..i'm a bookworm :)
random picture; some random houses easter decorations yesterday
where did you find us; searching
things you like to do; take pictures, bowling, dansing,
short life story about a paragraph; When i was one year old my parents got divorced. I moved to kendall with my mom and my grandparents. I use to pick my nose up until kindergarten. When i was in 2nd grd i was chosen to play dorothy in the wizard of oz :). In 5th grd it was my turn to bring hom the class pet hamster. he escaped somehow so i bought a new one and replaced it. Right now i am volunteering at a hospital as a candy striper for the seniors. Thats my life story so far.
favorite item of clothing; <3 my shoes. 5 bucks!
you can't live without...; MUSIC AND CARVEL ICECREAM!!
your idol/hero; this ones hard, umm Pat Benatar. cos she's awesome and careless <3
why should we accept you? because i think i can bring a good atmosphere to this community and i'll promote A LOT. and cos i love old people. in a non anna nicole way :)
post no less than 5 pictures;

im on the right

promote in one journal OR one community and show us the link
I krizia agree to be an active member of hey_helicopter, to vote fairly, post often, follow rules, obey the mods, follow the monthly themes, and have fun!

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