Sarah (sa12ah_ch3ath4m) wrote in hey_helicopter,

name; Sarah Cheatham

ethnicity;white girl
10 favorite bands; The academy Is, Ultimate Fakebook, The Postal Service, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Something Coorperate, Matchbook Romance, Death Cab For Cutie,The Unicorns, Early November, MOdest Mouse,Taking Back Sunday, The Juliana Theory
5 favorite movies;Pretty in Pink, The Notebook, My Girl, Thriteen, Lion King
favorite books; The Outsiders and thats all I've read in the past like year but it was really good
random picture;
where did you find us;veronique told me to join
things you like to do; hang out with friends, art, and jsut be cool duh
short life story about a paragraph; My name is Sarah Cheatham I gotta lot of friends but i dont need them, I live in Houston Texas I want to own a Lexus and I live in Aberdeen cuz i got the green if you know wat i mean. That was the poem that Casey made for me for my grade in language:)

favorite item of clothing;the pretty poka dot shirt i am wearing right noww
you can't live without...;3M
your idol/hero; My dog becuz she gets to just chill all day
why should we accept you?because im a nice kind gal and sometime I say hey to helicopters
post no less than 5 pictures;

promote in one journal OR one community and show us the link
I ______Sarah______agree to be an active member of hey_helicopter, to vote fairly, post often, follow rules, obey the mods, follow the monthly themes,

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