Julie (my_cococo____) wrote in hey_helicopter,

name;julie andersen

location;houston texas
10 favorite bands;the cranberries, the postal service, stellastarr*, death cab for cutie, bjork, counting crows, frou frou, interpol, metric, keane
5 favorite movies;the outsiders, the notebook, charlies angels, chicago, the sweetest thing
favorite books;the outsiders
random picture;
where did you find us;from mercy
things you like to do;dance, talk on the phone, hang out with friends
short life story about a paragraph;i have lived in houston in the same house my whole life my best friend melissa has been my best friend since first grade i have a sister and a cat.
favorite item of clothing;my black grandma sweater
you can't live without...;melissa!
your idol/hero;my sister
why should we accept you?because i'm super sexy
post no less than 5 pictures;

promote in one journal OR one community and show us the link
I ____Julie R. Andersen________agree to be an active member of hey_helicopter, to vote fairly, post often, follow rules, obey the mods, follow the monthly themes, and have fun!

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